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High Performance HD-BNC from Songtech Enterprise


High Density BNC (HD BNC) has retaining the electrical characteristics of the original ...
TNC Connector, SMA Connector and all kinds of connector are Songtech Enterprise Co., Ltd top-selling products!


Songtech Enterprise Co., Ltd. will respond quickly to your ever changing needs and r ...
RF Cable Assembly is one of the best products of Songtech Enterprise Co., Ltd!


Songtech Enterprise Co., Ltd. has always aimed at keeping our clients ahead of the cur ...
As a professional manufacturer of connectors, Songtech brings you best quality products!


Songtech Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of RF Connector and BNC ...
Various sizes BNC connectors, find out from Songtech BNC connectors!


Songtech Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter with several years of e ...
Welcome to our New Website.


Welcome to our brand new website! Songtech Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exp ...